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Mr Viswanathan offers personalised, micro-incision cataract surgery as standard for all patients

State-of-the-art Cataract Surgery

The clouding of the natural clear lens is called cataract.Inside our eye we have a natural lens which works like a camera lens, focusing the light on to the retina for us to see clearly. The natural lens is clear and transparent, but as we age it slowly becomes cloudy and losses its transparency so the retina only sees dull and blurred images. Fortunately, all cataracts can be successfully treated by personalised modern microsurgical cataract surgery.

No injection surgery
No stitches
Quick recovery
Self-pay and insurance payment
Day case procedure
Premium bespoke lenses

Hundreds of thousand of patients undergo cataract surgery every year in the UK

High Volume Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgeon in Shropshire

Mr Viswanathan has over 20 years of cataract surgical experience and has performed thousands of surgeries. Being a Vitreoretinal surgeon, Mr Viswanathan deals with all type of cataract surgery, including most complex and difficult cataracts which are referred to vitreoretinal surgeon like Mr Viswanathan to deal with.

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No injection

Many cataract patients fear the anaesthetic injection given in and around the eye during surgery. However, with Mr. Viswanathan, a special anaesthetic drop is used to numb the eye and provide a pain-free experience for all cataract surgeries. This allows for same-day discharge, reducing hospital time and expenses for patients. It also makes the entire process safer and more comfortable. Of course, general anesthesia is still available for those who prefer it.

No Stich

Mr. Viswanathan uses the latest method of cataract surgery, which involves making a small incision of about 2mm to remove the cataract. These small incisions seal on their own without the need for stitches, promoting short healing times, quick visual recovery, and reducing astigmatism.


No waiting time

By seeing Mr. Viswanathan, you can avoid the long waiting times and rationing of cataract treatment that can occur under the NHS. Going private allows you to bypass these wait times and choose when you want to have cataract surgery, to fit around your commitments. With Mr. Viswanathan, you'll meet him at every appointment and have direct access to him, with no trainee doctors or uncertainty.

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Premium lens implants

It has been proven that successful cataract surgery can improve quality of life. By choosing Mr Viswanathan, you can unlock the potential of private cataract surgery, as he always implants premium intraocular lenses in all his patients. Unlike NHS treatment, you will have a range of options to choose from, including Monofocal, Toric Astigmatic, and Multifocal lenses under various platforms.

Premium Monofocal Lenses

After cataract surgery, almost all patients experience significant improvement in their vision. If you opt for a monofocal lens, you will be able to see distance clearly without glasses, depending on your pre-existing focusing problem. However, glasses will be necessary for near vision activities. Even if you still need glasses to see distance, the prescription will likely only require a thin power lens. It's important to note that using premium, non-toric monofocal lenses can improve vision, but they will not correct pre-existing astigmatism.

Toric (Astigmatic) Lenses

The majority of patients will have some amount of corneal astigmatism, which means that the cornea is not perfectly round, and they may have needed to use toric spectacles for clear distance or near vision. A toric intraocular lens is a custom-made lens placed inside the eye to reduce the patient's astigmatism, improving their visual acuity and reducing the need for glasses for distance vision. However, patients should still expect to need reading glasses for close work after the surgery.

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Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses are designed to focus on multiple points of distance, typically for near and far vision. While they can reduce your dependence on glasses for intermediate and near vision, they may not eliminate the need for glasses altogether. During your consultation with Mr Viswanathan, you can discuss your lifestyle and visual requirements, and he will provide advice on the best lens options for you based on your individual circumstances. Please note that not everyone is a suitable candidate for multifocal lenses.

Toric multifocal Lenses

These lenses combine the benefits of both toric and multifocal lenses, i.e., simultaneously improving astigmatism and aiming to achieve spectacle-independence for distance and near.

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