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Insured patients - Cataract Treatment

Insured patients

Mr. Viswanathan is recognized by all major health insurance companies. However, like many other experienced consultants, he may not be a 'fee-assured' provider. Nonetheless, most health insurance plans will cover the full cost of consultations according to your policy. Please ensure that the costs are preauthorized by your health insurer before your appointment, as patients will be responsible for any payment shortfall.

Insured patients are advised to request a referral from their GP, as insurers may require a GP referral for consultation approval. Preauthorization from your private health insurance company is necessary before any diagnostic investigations and surgical procedures. It is important to contact your insurer before undergoing treatment to clarify your coverage.

Once your insurance company approves your treatment, you will receive an authorization number, which you must bring along for your consultation. This authorization number is important for arranging direct payment of the treatment costs by the insurance company.

Consultation Fees

Insurance companies will be billed directly and the shortfall will be invoiced directly to all patients.
The fee for consultation is as below:
New patient consultation – £210
Follow-up consultation - £125

Surgical fees for insurance patients

All patients will receive treatment codes, along with detailed quotes for the surgery costs, including Mr. Viswanathan's fees, in accordance with CMA guidelines. The quotes will also account for potential shortfalls, anaesthetist fees, hospital charges, and post-operative consultation fees.

Payment of Surgical fees for insurance patients

The invoice for your surgery fees will be sent directly to your insurance company, with the pre-approved authorization number linked to it for payment. However, patients will be invoiced directly for any shortfall in the fees. Before the surgery, you will be provided with treatment codes and detailed quotes for all these costs, which will be in line with CMA guidelines.

Mr Palpandian Viswanathan works with the following private medical insurance providers:

Aviva Health
AXA PPP Healthcare
Vitality Health (Pru Health)
CS Healthcare
Exeter Family Friendly
Freedon Health
Healix Healthcare
Police Mutual
Secure Health
Simply Health
Standard Life
Tesco Bank
The Exeter Friendly

Please bring along with you the following insurance documents:

Your insurance policy company name and scheme details.

Your policy membership number.

Confirmation of your pre-authorisation Code or claim reference number.