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Private Cataract Surgery - Self Pay Patients

Our private patients benefit from zero waiting time to see Mr. Viswanathan, who personally cares for them. You can choose an appointment time that suits your schedule for a consultation with Mr. Viswanathan. If surgical treatment is required after the initial consultation, it can be performed without any waiting times. Additionally, procedures that are currently not offered under the NHS can also be availed.

Ways to book a consultation / Getting Referred:

Mr. Viswanathan accepts self-referred patients, so you can book a private consultation without the need for a referral letter. This further reduces your waiting time to see Mr. Viswanathan. If this option is the best for you, please contact us at 07486 878876 or to make an online enquiry click here.

Your GP or Optometrist can refer you in the following way:

By emailing us to:

By Phoning us on: 07486 878876

By Contact us Form: Contact Me

By a referral letter personally handed over to you to give it to us.

You DO NOT need a referral letter for private treatment

Consultation Fees & Treatment Cost

New patient consultation – £210
Follow-up consultation - £125

Cataract Surgery Price

The cost of cataract surgery for my patients varies based on the choice of lens and the hospital where the surgery takes place. The surgery treatment cost includes hospital fees, lens cost, surgeon's fee, post-op drops, and follow-up consultation.

Premium Monofocal Lens: £2335 - £2635
Toric lens: £3000 - £3180
Multifocal lens: £3400 - £3675
Multifocal Toric lens: £3600 - £3833

Can I drive to and from my appointment

During the clinic consultation, your eyes will be dilated for an examination of the back of your eye. As a result, you will not be able to drive for 4 to 6 hours after the appointment.

During your consultation

Your first appointment with Mr. Viswanathan may last up to an hour, depending on whether your pupils need to be dilated with drops and if any additional tests are required. During this appointment, Mr. Viswanathan will have a detailed discussion with you about your eye problems, examine your eyes, perform relevant state-of-the-art tests to arrive at a diagnosis, and provide advice on the best available treatment options.

What should I bring to my appointment

Please remember to bring your glasses, a list of your current medications, and any other relevant letters or documents, such as referral letters, previous glasses prescriptions, and documents related to your health or eye care.

To ensure a productive consultation, Mr. Viswanathan suggests that you come prepared with a written list of questions. This will help facilitate the discussion and address all of your concerns during the appointment.

Will I be informed about the diagnosis immediately

Majority of the time you will be informed about the diagnosis, during your consultation. Mr. Viswanathan will also advise about the treatment options and when the treatment could take place at a time that suits you. The cost of the treatment will also be discussed at the end of consultation.

Will my GP be informed

Mr. Viswanathan will write a letter to you, your GP, your optometrist, and other relevant healthcare providers involved in your care. This letter will explain your condition, confirm your diagnosis, provide information about treatment options, and include details regarding any necessary follow-up.

Additional tests

To arrive at a correct diagnosis, additional tests such as OCT scan, visual fields, blood tests, CT or MRI scans, and retinal electro diagnostic tests may be required. These tests will incur additional charges, and the cost will be provided at the time of booking. Typically, the cost of these tests is covered by insurers, so we advise insured patients to seek prior approval.