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'Mr Viswanathan is clearly a first-class surgeon and the rather complicated eye operation that I needed for an epi-retinal membrane and cataracts was obviously something that he had undertaken many times before. Mr V was totally confident and he knew exactly what he was doing and the best way to do it for me, with both eyes that he has treated. I've now got a very, very good outcome, excellent in every way. Mr V has also got a rather good sense of humour, which of course makes so, so much difference and keeps the consultation on a nice affable basis - and for those of a nervous disposition, it has got to help take the edge off what, for some people, could be a rather frightening operation, given that the inside of the eye has to be 'invaded'. With the two operations that Mr V undertook, all I can say is that I felt not the slightest thing and there was no discomfort anywhere along the line, it was absolutely painless and trauma free.

Fran, being, Mr V's secretary, is an absolute pleasure to deal with, she is extremely knowledgeable about the whole procedure and is extremely reassuring as to what is going on; she has the attitude that nothing is too much trouble and keeps things organised and in place so that, as the patient, you have no worries at all because she is navigating the whole procedure and providing the vital support that any surgeon will need.'

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Mr Viswanathan and his team for the care, attention and expertise I have received over last few weeks. I have received the very highest level of care and attention from all your team. It is so heartwarming to have such a dedicated surgeon – thank you all!

Last Friday you carried out a cataract operation for me, and I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for the excellence of the entire procedure, which was carried out in an entirely professional and friendly way by your entire team. My sincere thanks to you, I am so grateful and the change in my eye is fantastic. I will recommend to anyone. PS- I thoroughly enjoyed my cup of coffee so willingly offered after the Op.

To Mr Viswanathan, My vision is SO much better. Thank you

This time, after suffering a detached retina, I ended up in Shrewsbury Hospital faced with going bling in one eye unless I had a ‘potentially sight-threating’ operation to save the eye as soon as possible, whether it was private or NHS did not matter. When I went to see my soptician, she immediately referred me to Shrewsbury’s emergency eye care. Later she told me that she never expected me to see again in my left eye because it was the most serious macular hear she had seen in years.

My expert NHS eye surgeon, Mr Viswanathan, before the operation, to calm my nerves, we talked about the India versus England Test cricket series, ‘’ Will I be able to open the batting again?’’ I asked. ‘’Hopefully,’’ he said. ‘’But you may want to suggest being moved a little down the order.’’

A month later, he said that the operation had been successful. And my recovery has been miraculous.

Newspaper Article by a patient

You operated on my left eye to remove a cataract. WOW! What a difference this has made to my life. I can read again. Thank you so much for carrying out the operation so successfully. The kindness and courtesy helped me to relax. Again Sir, many thanks for giving me back my sight.

Now if I want to make comments about a place I think it should be directed to that place, so here goes….

Having been to Hospital to see Mr Viswanathan earlier in January, I was then able to have operation with in few days. From the very first letter/phone call I was put completlely at rease, had everything explained to me in great detail, shown respect by every member of staff. I would like to thank Mr Viswanathan and everyone at the hospital for your kindness and understanding all the way through this.

Thanks Mr.Viswanathan and all his team for doing a great job on my right eye.

See you all when I come in to have left eye done.

Just wanted to say thankyou for your guidance and diagnosis regarding my partial detached retina in my right eye. Without you experience & Diligence I dread to think how my eye health would have ended up. Thank you also for your sense of humor getting me through this.

Just want to say many thanks to Mr.Viswanathan & team, for all the care and your diligence through this difficult covid time

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"I was pleaed to be seen by the Doctor so quickly after my referral."

"All Excellent."